NYCC 2013: Duchovny And Anderson Talk Possible Third X-FILES Movie

Photo by Maggie Walther
Photo by Maggie Walther

It’s been the question on X-Files fans since 2007 when the second film based on the popular television series was released in theaters – Will there be a third X-Files movie? It’s also been a question that series stars David Duchovny and Gilliam Anderson have been often asked, and this weekend at the New York Comic Con panel celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series was no exception.

Right before the moderator turned the panel discussion over to questions from the audience, he attempted to broach the subject but Duchovny quickly cut him off, giving what has become the standard answer to the query “We’d love to. Chris [Carter, the show’s creator] would love to.” Anything else was drowned out by the cheering of the fans.

But the topic was broached later in the question and answer session when a fan asked the two stars about their feelings over how the series ended. Anderson turned the question back on the fan who stated that she felt a bit disappointed that not all of the series’ iconic conspiracy storylines were not resolved. Duchovny then pointed out, “The thinking was that we were going to do movies. I shouldn’t speak for Chris [Carter}. but I would imagine that the reason that he didn’t tie up all the loose ends was that he wanted to play with them in the movies.”

Duchovny elaborated a few minutes later when asked about what he and Anderson would like to see in the film. “I think we would love to see a return to the conspiracy stuff,” he replied. “It seems like that was the heart of the show and we’d love to get back to that.”

But for all the enthusiasm that its stars, its creator and even the fans of The X-Files have for a third film, the ball is still in Twentieth Century Fox’s court. Time will tell if they want to play.

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[…] Give someone with a microphone the chance to talk to David Duchovny, and chances are there’ll be a question about a third X-Files film. So when the actor did a panel with series co-star Gillian Anderson at the New York Comic Con last weekend, naturally that’s exactly what happened. Duchovny first threw out the boilerplate answer: “We’d love to. Chris [Carter, the show's creator] would love to.” When the subject came up again, with respect to series ideas that weren’t finished in the TV show, he elaborated: […]