BATMAN/SUPERMAN Football Uniforms Revealed

superman-vs-batman-football-jerseys-sliceOn Tuesday, I told you about a rumor that Batman/Superman would start shooting tomorrow at East Los Angeles College. At the time, I expressed doubts about whether or not the news story was actually accurate. Well. we have something that might just go to prove that the filming is real.

batman-vs-superman-football-jersey-302x600Batman News has published a first look at the uniforms Gotham City University and Metropolis State University will be wearing when they face off on Saturday. While anyone with photoshop can dummy up a fottball uniform, I’d like to point out that Batman News had the accurate scoop back in 2011 about the uniforms the Gotham Rogues would be wearing in The Dark Knight Rises. So that site knows its stuff.

Now we have to ask: what do the uniforms tell us about the plot of the movie? Well, we don’t really have to ask that, but I think the designs of the uniforms does play into how each city will be represented.

To the left we have the uniform for Gotham City University. It keeps the black and gold color scheme of the Gotham Rogues from the Nolan trilogy, but with more emphasis on the black than the gold. The design of the uniform is old-school. You have block letters, simple stripes on the shoulder, and a simple black and gold stripe going down the leg of the grey pants. This is how pretty much all uniforms, professional or college, looked pre-1997.

What does this tell us about Gotham? Well, it is simple and plain, with an old school design. This gives an image of Gotham that is of a more-blue collar town, less technologically advanced and perhaps more industrial. Compared to Metropolis, Gotham is more backwards,  more stuck in the past, more gritty, darker.

superman-vs-batman-football-jersey-315x600To the right we have the uniform for Metropolis State University. Thankfully, they didn’t go with red, blue and yellow to match Superman’s costume. Instead we get red, white, black and grey. The uniform is indicative in the modern trend in football uniforms, where there is a whole lot more “flair” added to the design. The numbers have a modern, angular cut to them. Instead of stripes on the sleeves, we get black and grey “sunburst” design, a design that appears to be repeated on the calf . It is definitely the showier of the two uniforms, capped off by the splash or red by the neck.

What does this tell us about Metropolis? Well, that it is a modern, if not ahead of its times, kind of city. Not only that, it is bright and welcoming city, one where you don’t have to look so hard to see bright and shining examples of the best humanity has to offer.

Now, this might seem silly, to examine costumes that will be on screen all of 5 minutes, if that. But the devil is in the details. With the attention to detail Zack Snyder applies to his work, I don’t think it’s outlandish to think that the conflict between Batman and Superman could start here, on the football field, in the uniforms each team is wearing.

Via Collider.

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