Are Tom Hanks And Terry O’Quinn Up For Lex Luthor?

luthorsCosmic Book News has the exclusive scoop that Lost’s Terry O’Quinn and acting legend Tom Hanks are the next two names being considered for the role of Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman.

Before we go into an uncontrollable fit of glee of this news, or imagine a knife fight to the death between these two over the role, let me remind you, as I do with all disreputable sources of film gossip, that Cosmic Book News is the site that said back in August that Bryan Cranston was officially cast as Luthor in the film.  OFFICIALLY. CAST.

Bryan+Cranston+24th+Annual+Producers+Guild+zYierrmTFOXlThe site backtracked last month and said that Cranston backed away from a verbal agreement (which is anything but official) to do more live theater. They mention All the Way, based on Lyndon Johnson and the days after the Kennedy Assassination, which recently closed a one month engagement in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 12th and is looking for a venue on Broadway.

Thing is, it’s likely the play was  in rehearsals, or at the very least contracts were signed by Cranston for the show, when the Cosmic Book News story broke in August. So, either their inside sources are telling them wrong things, or they are misrepresenting what they are told to gain site hits. Either way, any “scoop” they come up with is unreliable at best.

Which brings us back to this latest round from them. The O’Quinn rumor is backed up by Superman Super Site, who quote a source close to the production, but state that it is just a rumor.

For the Hanks rumor, the site once again goes to “trusted sources at Warners” who say that Hanks’ name has come up in reference to Luthor. Hanks did recently go on the record saying that he’d love to work on a comic book film, so methinks this is more hit bait more than anything realistic. The site even backtracks by saying “Whether Hanks has read for the role and auditioned, I’m not sure.” Yeah, because he probably hasn’t gotten farther than water cooler conversation, that’s why.

Of the two, the more plausible is O’Quinn. I’d love for Tom Hans to have a shot at the role, because I think he’d be excellent for it, but I think he’s too big of a name, especially if the the role requires a multi-film contract. O’Quinn might not have the buzz of either Hanks or Cranston, but he is experienced in genre roles and playing bad guys.

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