Marvel Studios Announce 5 More Release Dates Into 2019


We know that Marvel Studios has plans for their films all the way out to 2021, and now we know how they’re going to be rolling out those plans onto the big screen. The studio has just announced the planned dates for the next batch of as-yet-titled film projects.

They are –


These unannounced films will follow the studio’s previously announced plans to release Guardians Of The Galaxy on 8/1/14, Avengers: Age Of Ultron on 5/1/15, Ant-Man on 7/17/2015, Captain America 3 on 5/6/2016 and two additional untitled films on 7/8/16 and 5/5/17 respectively.

Interestingly these dates mostly move away from the traditional early May weekends they have used since 2008’s Iron Man. Is it a move in response to Warner Brothers planting their Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice on the same weekend as Marvel’s Captain America 3. We also see Marvel going to three films for 2017, something studio honcho Kevin Feige previously stated they might consider doing.

As to what films that Marvel will be plugging into these dates, I suspect we’ll get a few answers at San Diego Comic Con next week. However, we know that Marvel is developing a third Thor movie, a Dr. Strange movie and a third Avengers, in addition to rumors about a possible new Hulk film. The studio has also intimated in the past that they are working on projects based on the Inhumans and Black Panther comic characters and possible spin-off films featuring supporting characters from their current films like Black Widow. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel was currently already thing about sequels for Guardians Of The Galaxy and even Ant-Man. Lots of exciting possibilities on the horizon.

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