Spoilers Involving THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA and SPIDER-MAN As Part Of Marvel’s PHASE III Hit Web

captain-america25That image above should give you some idea where we are going with this.

So, Latino Review is at it again, giving us the inside information on how Marvel Studios’ Phase III will pan out. Last time it was El Mayimbe saying two years ago that Phase II and Phase III will play into a huge Planet Hulk arc. That turned out to be almost completely untrue. Now, it’s Da7e’s turn at bat, hoping to make up for El Mayimbe’s whiff and hit a home run where Marvel spoilers are concerned.

While the header image does provide a spoiler, its not a big one considering the source material for future films. Da7e doles out even more spoilers than that, so let me throw this up here again:

DisneyspoilerwarningDa7e covers a lot of territory, so let me throw it all at you in bullet point format on a film by film basis.


  • Captain America will be leading a new batch of Avengers at the end.
  • Hulk will be shot into space at the end of the film.

    • These are rumors we have already heard. Whether this is confirmation or just a way to make the rest of the rumors seem more legit is anybody’s guess.


  • Howard Stark’s assassination at the hands of the Winter Soldier will be at the center of the conflict between Steve and Tony.
    • Da7e does not say whether or not the registration plotline from the comics will play a part as well, but it makes a whole lot more sense to go in this direction than having the world’s twelve superhumans have to register. And it continues the Winter Soldier plotline introduced in the first film, which also makes sense.
  • Tony will become disillusioned and remove himself from society, perhaps by going into space.
    • I don’t know if Da7e was joking about the going into space part, but he seems to think that Tony will be removing himself from world events after this film.
  • Black Panther will be introduced.
    • Which is officially official.
  • Captain America will be killed by Crossbones.
    • Cap will be taken of the game board the same way he was “killed” in the comics.
  • Spider-Man might, might be in this film.
    • Yes, the time share agreement supposedly is official, and it might have been in time for this film. If not here, then definitely at some point later.
    • And it won’t be Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire playing the character either.


  • This will introduce the astral plane into film continuity.
    • Da7e makes a point of bring this up, which I can only assume means Marvel will use it as a way to bring Cap back.


  • A lot of Asgardians will die in this film.
    • Which I assume means a number of the name Asgardians (The Warriors Three, Sif, Heimdall, etc) in addition to the rank and file Asgardians.
  • Some of the Asgardians will be resurrected.
    • Da7e doesn’t say this, but this might be a good way to replace actors whose contracts are expiring. Just sayin’.
    • Also it might provide a way to bring back certain Star-Spangled Soldiers that had joined the choir invisible.
  • Thor will be imprisoned at the end of the film.
    • By now you should be seeing a trend with Avengers being taken out of circulation.


  • Like the first film, it will have little to do with the Earthbound Marvel films.
    • This is the one part that doesn’t make sense, because this would be the perfect place to foreshadow Thanos’ attack on Earth. And why put Hulk and/or Tony in space and not have them meet the Guardians?


  • There’s likely to be other Marvel heroes in the film.
    • Da7e thinks that Doctor Strange is a natural. I’m thinking Ant-Man, since it will be a while since we have seen him.
  • Another new Avengers team will be formed here.
    • Perhaps even with Black Panther as the leader.


  • No “original” Avengers will be appearing in this film.
    • Apparently Hawkeye and Black Widow will also be in some kind of exile, joining Thor, Cap, Hulk and Iron Man. Once again, this makes sense, as the stars have signed on for one Avengers film, not two.
  • However, Spider-Man WILL be in this film.
    • Da7e says this is a definite, perhaps as a way to garner excitement for an Avengers film with all-new characters as Avengers.
  • The rest of the line-up is still pending.
    • Da7e theorizes that the rest of the new Avengers teams could be composed of anybody from the solo characters introduced since Age of Ultron to characters from the forthcoming Inhumans film to characters from the Netflix TV shows.


  • The original team comes back.
    • Yes, Cap becomes undead, Thor is released from prison, Tony finds his smile, and Hulk returns to Earth just in time for this big brouhaha. Which leads me to believe the farm team will screw the pooch in the first film and need to call in the cavalry.

Of course, Da7e presents this in such a way where you don’t know where fact, inside information and pure speculation begin and end, which is really smart on his part. This way, he can claim victory even if one item comes to pass. But it looks like we’ll have to wait four months to see if anything Da7e says is right.

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