Bryan Singer Talks Taking A Break From The X-MEN

Somewhere, Brett Ratner is waiting patiently by his phone.

Bryan Singer directingEven though X-Men: Apocalypse has received the best reviews, fans know what happens when Bryan Singer leaves the X-franchise. So when the director says anything even remotely like he’s moving away from the series, ears start to perk up.

Singer was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times and the subject of how long he will be doing X-Men films came up. This is what he had to say:

The reality is, even though I’m very desperate to jump to something completely different, I’ve spent so many years in this universe and I love this cast and the characters so much, I just don’t see myself abandoning them forever. Perhaps as a consultant, as a producer, even as a director, I could see myself returning in the future. Just right now, once this one is done, I’d like to do something really different.

Singer wanting to take a break from the X-director chair is understandable. But this doesn’t seem like he is walking away forever, if at all. He is directing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and there will be a number of X-films (The Wolverine 3, Deadpool 2, New Mutants, X-Force and Gambit) to satisfy fans’ X-desires for years to come. After that spate of films, Singer should have had a very long rest and be ready to go on the next X-film if he so chooses. But Fox will probably want another X-men film in there somewhere, and they might have to look elsewhere for a director.

We shall wait and see if this ends up being a permanent break or just a few years off.

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