JOHN WICK Co-Director David Leitch Considered For DEADPOOL 2


The departure of Tim Miller from Deadpool 2 left a big gap to fill in the production, and Fox is wasting no time trying to find a new director. And it appears John Wick co-director David Leitch is on the top of their shopping list.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that while directors such as Drew Goddard and Luke Cage‘s Magnus Martens have also had meeting with Fox, Leitch has remained the top candidate, making it so far as to meet with Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, yesterday.

Leitch better have come of well in that meeting, because it was a souring of the relationship between Miller and Reynolds that led to the former’s departure from the project. The article states that problems between Miller and Reynolds that arose during the shooting of Deadpool came up again, and this time it was too much to work through.

John Wick does seem thematically similar enough that Leitch would be a good fit for the new job. However, the one reservation I have is that he co-directed that film with Chad Stahelski and Stahelski is no where to be found here. Will Leitch to as good a job solo?

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