The Actress Playing Domino In DEADPOOL 2 Is….

…Zazie Beetz. Zazie Beetz, seen above, will be playing Domino in Deadpool 2.

I’m sure a lot of you out there are saying, “Who is Zazie Beetz?” That’s understandable considering several actresses she beat out have better resumes.  Beetz’s most famous role to date has been playing Vanessa in the much buzzed about TV comedy Atlanta.

The casting was confirmed this afternoon by Ryan Reynolds on his Twitter account.

And in case anybody missed it, he confirmed it again an hour later.

Get that man away from Photoshop!

The casting of the relatively unknown actress for Domino makes me wonder if they will go the same route for casting Cable. One the one hand, they want to make this film on the cheap, and name actors come with big paychecks. On the other hand, Cable will probably anchor a whole bunch of films in the future, and that job is made much easier with a known quantity to bring the people in.

Regardless, we’ll probably find out soon, as the production on Deadpool 2 ramps up to meet its 2018 release date.


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