WORLD WAR Z 2 Set To Start Shooting Next Summer

World War Z 2, the follow-up to the Brad Pitt-starring zombie apocalypse film, is finally going to get in front of cameras next June. That’s according to producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner in response to a question about the sequel’s status from Variety on the red carpet for the premier of the pair’s film Beautiful Boy.

Gardner and Kleiner also went on to confirm that star Brad Pitt was still set to return with director David Fincher still taking the reins from the first film’s Marc Forster.

Of course, June is a long time away and there’s plenty that could happen that could derail the plan. For example, the script that is still being worked on might not be in a shape they feel confident in shooting eight months from now. And of course, Paramount might decide that it doesn’t want a sequel to a film that would be six years by the time cameras rolled. The studio purged themselves of a few films such as Annihilation and The Cloverfield Paradox late last year when a new batch of executives came in and there is no telling if that could happen again.

Released in 2013, World War Z was a rather loose adaptation of Max Brooks’ best-selling, genre bending novel of a zombie apocalypse told through interviews, government documents and other pseudo-historical errata.

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