And The New Elvis For BUBBA NOSFERATU Is. . .

Like many, I was disappointed when Bruce Campbell announced that he was not going to be part of Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Nosferatu, the follow up to Campbell and Coscarelli’s elderly-Elvis-fighting-a-mummy collaboration Bubba HoTep. But now, Aint It Cool News has an exclusive interview with Paul Giamatti – whose production company is helping Coscarelli develop the sequel and who will appear in the film as Elvis’ agent Col. Tom Parker – in which he reveals that Ron Perlman is interested in taking over the role of the King.

Apparently, the production and Perlman are trying to find a time in everyone’s schedule to go make the film. Giamatti suspects that cameras could be rolling sometime next spring. In teh interview, Giamatti also discusses his take on Elvis’s agent, Col. Tom. It’s an interesting interview, well worth checking out.

As to Perlman as Elvis… I’m not so sure. The Hellboy films have shown us that he can act through makeup and knows how to keep a light comedic tone. There’s something about him though that doesn’t quite sell the concept to me. Admitedly, I could be hung up on the fact that he is not Bruce Campbell playing the role. Personally, I think a better choice would be Kurt Russell, who has already played a young Elvis in a 1979 television movie.

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