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thorbrightAnyone who has read the early draft script for Marvel Studios Norse god-turned-superhero Thor film, and lets face it, it is fairly easy to get ahold of at this point, has to be wondering how the studio intends to seamlessly incorporate its mythological storyline with the modern, technological milieu of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk for when all the characters meet up in the eventual Avengers film.

It appears that link will lie in the character of Dr. Donald Blake, according to IESB. According to their sources, the Donald Blake character has been added to the most recent drafts of the Thor screenplay. For the uninitiated, Donald Blake is a mortal that Thor is bounded to be his father Odin to teach him humility. Blake can summon Thor in times of need to battle whatever happens to be threatening the world at the time, often as a member of the superhero team The Avengers.

Earlier drafts of the screenplay took place exclusively in the mythological home fo the gods, Asgard. As the action centered on fueding gods and other fantastic creatures, it was a fairly expensive script to film. The overall budget problems are what led director Matthew Vaughn to leave the project, to be replaced by Kenneth Branagh.

IESB’s source was not forthcoming with how much screentime Blake will see in the film, so it is unknown if his character will be a major part of the story or just as a short coda at the end to serve as a bridge to summer 2011’s Avengers film. Thor is currently scheduled for a summer 2010 release.

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