Kevin Smith Tweet-A-Thon Highlights: The Big Finale

KSmithTweetHeader1While the rest of us rose, fought off the grip of the long weekend and stumbled off to our day jobs, Kevin Smith spent this morning wrapping up his 24 hour tweet-a-thon. (Hey, Jerry Lewis only does 21 hours of his telethon.) As sleep deprivation crept in, things got increasingly sillier and scatalogical, but there was still some talk about his films, upcoming projects and filmmaking in general.

Before heading on to the highlights from the last few hours, I do have to give some serious props to Smith for doing this. He is already known for his personal appearances, which are nothing but hours long question and answer sessions. But even the longest was still only a fraction of the time he has spent here. Sure, every now and then he was dropping some promotion for his latest upcoming book and appearance tour, but over all it was a fun time for fans and evidently director alike. Check out the entire event at Smith’s twitter feed.

A Couple Of Dicks

  • “Do you use an asst editor? Or one man gun it?” I fly mostly solo, but assistant Patrick took two scenes which he crushed
  • “how come zach and miri wasn’t based in NJ feels a bit weird watch a KS flim not in NJ” You might wanna skip DICKS then…
  • “Will you create another Askewniverse with Z&M or DICKS?” Nah. That was a once-in-a-lifetime deal for me. Loved it, but done.

Hit Somebody

  • “Pixar calls, they want you to make ‘Hit Somebody’ animated. Yea or nay?” Hockey players gotta be able to cuss and fuck.


  • “RE: better Dogma, what would you change/do differently?” It’d just look better now. Dialogue’d be better, too. Tighter.

Jersey Girl

  • “how personal was jersey girl? its about a mans darkest fears: losing wife/mother. Is there dark side to you?” Yes. BOOOO!!!

Movies And Movie Making

  • “Matt Damon for Captain America or Matt Damon for Captain America?” I’m gonna make controversial choice: Matt Damon.
  • “Movie theatres. Going to be around much longer?” Sure. Maybe just not as many. But people still dig going out to the movies.
  • “Did John Hughes passing hit you harder or in a different way than you’d think?” Very. On a few levels over the week.
  • “best 80’s movie ever made? I say Raiders” BREAKFAST CLUB could give it a run for its money in terms of influence.
  • “Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz?” SHAUN takes edge here, but I love FUZZ too.
  • “Would Orson Welles have done a 24 hour Twitterthon if given the chance?” Welles and I are alike only in the end-weight.
  • “almost at the end sir – has this tweetathon altered your opinion of your fanbase?” Not negatively at all. People been nice.
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