New Releases- December 25

1. Sherlock Holmes (Warner Brothers, @3,600 Theaters, 128 Minutes, Rated PG-13): When Guy Ritchie was announced as the director of this film, you had to know that this wouldn’t be your father’s Sherlock Holmes.

Of course, no one could really expect that we would get a pit fighting Holmes either, but that’s what we get. Of course, this irks a lot of people. It’s not that they don’t like their Holmes to be physical, it’s just that they don’t want it to be at the expense of the cerebral.

There also has been some controversy if this film was adapted from an unpublished comic book or not. Early publicity made it seem it was, but there is more and more evidence that it was not. Personally, I love the fact that we have come so far that people will lie about being adapted from a graphic novel to get press. I just love that!

2. It’s Complicated (Universal, @2,800 Theaters, 118 Minutes, Rated R): Any movie whose cast that features Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin can’t be all bad. I’m just saying.

This film is about a divorced couple who hook up after years apart. Which would be good if they both weren’t already in relationships. As their affair continues, their lives get, well, complicated.

The film is done by Nancy Myers, who has carved out a little cottage industry for herself in writing and directing romantic comedies for a more mature audiences such as Something’s Got to Give and The Holiday. Which is good for her because there seems to be an audience for that kind of comedy.

3. Nine (The Weinstein Company, @1,500 Theaters, 110 Minutes, Rated PG-13): This film doesn’t only share a director in common with Chicago. Both were Broadway musicals recently revived on the Great White Way. Both feature actors you wouldn’t normally associate with a musical. The cast features Oscar winners, recording artists, and big name stars.

So, needless to say, this film has Oscar-bait written all over it. Unfortunately, I have not been hearing all that much Oscar buzz about it. It is kind of sad when a film tries so hard for award mention and doesn’t get it. Although, who knows, maybe this one will gain some steam before the nominations come out.

This film is going into wide release after being in limited release for the last week or so.

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