2010 Summer Movie Preview: May

Over the next several days we’re going to take a look at the summer movie season month by month, highlighting some of the movies that we’re anxious to see, sometimes for reasons you wouldn’t expect.

Iron Man 2 (May 7) – If you told me ten years ago that an Iron Man film would be the big film to kick off the summer movie season, I would have said you were crazy. But, here we are and not only is an Iron Man film kicking off the summer movie season, but it is also a sequel to boot! Strange days, indeed.

This highly awaited follow up to 2008’s surprise hits ups the ante a number of ways. One way is by loading the film with fan favorite characters from the comic book—War Machine, Whiplash, Justin Hammer, Black Widow, etc. This stratagem of overcrowding seldom works, but the engine behind Iron Man seems so f00l proof that it should be able to overcome it.

The plot pertains to a man who Tony Stark’s father slighted in the past coming back for revenge on Tony. While he’s dealing with that, Tony has to fend off a U.S. Government that wants to get its hands on the Iron Man suit and a rival who wants to bring him down. – William Gatevackes

Babies (May 7) – Why on earth would I ever want to see the film Babies? Full disclosure, I do not have a paternalistic bone in my body. It has never occurred to me EVER to even consider having a child of my own. On top of that, I have a sneering dislike for almost anything other people label as “cute”, and babies are the very definition of cute.

But, the coming attraction for the film Babies hooked me. Yes the babies in the trailer looked adorable, but there was something intriguing about the fact that the film was going to look at babies in San Francisco, Mongolia, Namibia and Japan. Add to that an article I read where the films director Thomas Balmes said that he approached the film as if he were doing a wildlife documentary, so maybe the film will avoid falling into the “cute” trap.

The only thing that will ruin the experience will be if the audience is especially noisy with the oooing and aahhhing when the babies do the kind things that babies do all the time like drool and poop their pants. We’ll see. – Michael McGonigle

MacGruber (May 21) – Let’s face it. The batting average for movie’s spun-off from the long-running sketch series Saturday Night Live has been pretty low. For every hit like The Blues Brothers or Wayne’s World there’s been a number of Superstars, The Ladies Mans and Wayne’s World 2s. At first glance, turning a 30-second bit into a a feature-length movie seems like a daunting task, but when the premise is a parody of the 80s action series MacGuyver, star and co-writer Will Forte has a lot of room to play up the broader conventions of that show and its genre. Plus we have Val Kilmer, who doesn’t do as near as much comedy for my taste, as the film’s villain. – Rich Drees

Sex And The City 2 (May 27) – Having seen only a handful of episodes of the popular HBO series, there’s no way that I could be accused of being a fan of Sex And The City. While I’m certainly not in the show’s target audience – I don’t even pretend to understand the show’s elevation of footwear to a form of pagan idolatry – I could see the appeal for those who were.

When I finally caught up with the (admittedly overlong) big screen coda to the series, I was impressed at how creator Michael Patrick King managed to craft a story that could stand alone for those of us not overly familiar with the HBO series, but still managed to please its legions of fans, as well as providing some nice closure for his four lead characters. But where does one go after “Happily ever after”? And can King tell that story in a way that allows for actual character growth but doesn’t alienate the core fan base who want their happy endings? It’ll be a tricky path to walk, no matter what the footwear. – RD

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