HIGHLANDER Reboot Gets A New Screenwriter

highlanderThe struggle to reboot the Highlander franchise continues as Summit Entertainment has hired Melissa Rosenberg to take over writing chores on the project. The Green Hornet producer Neal Moritz is overseeing the project for the studio.

Released in 1986, The Highlander told the story of a Scottsman (Christopher Lambert) born in the 15th century who discovers that he is one of many immortals roaming Earth who frequently clash with each other, dueling for a vaguely defined “Prize.” The film was a surprise hit and launched a string of theatrical sequels and a popular syndicated television series which featured Adrain Paul as Lambert’s character’s cousin. The franchise sputtered out at the turn of the century with some made-for-cable and direct-to-home video entries.

Previous to Rosenberg’s involvement, Iron Man scripters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway did the initial draft for the film, reviewed here, which attempted to meld elements from the franchise’s various incarnations into a cohesive whole. National Treasure screenwriters Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Sellek Wibberley were later brought aboard to do rewrites.

Although I had some minor problems with it, I thought that overall Marcum and Hollo way’s script was a good basis for rebooting the franchise. I’d be interested to know exactly what Summit is looking to Rosenberg to add or change in the screenplay.

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