NYCC 2011: Photo Parade

As always there were sights to see at this year’s New York Comic Con from cosplayers to displays of toys from upcoming films to panels featuring actors and directors talking about their latest work. Here’s just some of things we were able to see at this year’s show.

Hasbro’s booth offers a close up look at the costume for the upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.
The movie version of World War Captain America was a popular floor costume this year.
Ape Trek?
So do you think they knew each other before showing up?


ATTACK THE BLOCK director Joe Cornish tells fans that they should buy the movie when it comes out on blu-ray next week.


Nite Owl’s Arctic Mask from WATCHMEN
If you want unanimous consent, you’re gonna have to get it from one of the other owners.


You know, there are a few kids from your school roaming around out here.


Some IRON MAN 2 props on display.


Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) at the AVENGERS panel.


Pirates of the NY Waterway Ferry!


INCEPTION’s Dream Machine.


The original painted art for a two-page spread in the comic adaption of THE IMMORTALS.


Lots of Princess Leias but only in her Cloud City outfit.


Mark Ruffalo at the AVENGERS panel.
When you’re possessed by Babylonian gods because your apartments are in Spook Central who should you call?


These guys!


A close up look at Captain America’s AVENGERS Uniform.


Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman moderates the panel on the upcoming documentary on Monty Python’s Graham Chapman.
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William Gatevackes
October 21, 2011 7:30 pm

Great pics!