Warners Also Working On A WONDER WOMAN Film

Amidst all the hullabaloo over the news that Warner Brothers has brought on Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall to take a crack at a Justice League screenplay, some additional DC Comics superhero news got overlooked. The studio has also given Green Lantern scripter Michael Goldenberg the assignment to craft a screenplay for a Wonder Woman film.

A super-powered warrior/ambassador from a hidden island of Amazons, Wonder Woman has long been considered to be one of DC Comics “Big Three” characters – the other two being Superman and Batman. But unlike her male counterparts, the character has never made it to the big screen.

Previously, producer Joel Silver had spent the better part of a decade trying to develop a Wonder Woman film going through at least four completely different approaches to the superhero with little luck. One of the writers who were temporarily on the project was fan favorite Joss Whedon, who went on to write and direct the mega blockbuster The Avengers for Marvel Studios.

Wonder Woman was translated to the small screen in the 1970s with Lynda Carter. Although it sometimes bordered on camp, the show is still fondly remembered by fans today. She appeared in Cartoon Network’s popular Justice League animated series as well as in a handful of direct to video releases. A live action television series was produced last year but not picked up and if you’ve seen it you know that the less said about it the better.

Although there are no other details available, it should be noted that Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn has made mention of how he would like to direct a Wonder Woman film. How about it, Warners?

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