JUSTICE LEAGUE Planned For Summer 2015 Release

From the “That Didn’t Take Long” department, The Los Angeles Times is reporting that due to DC/Warners being awarded half of the Superman copyright yesterday, the much discussed Justice League film is being fast tracked by Warner Brothers. Plans are currently in the works to have the film start shooting next year with an eye on a Summer 2015 release. If this pans out, we might have an Avengers film and a Justice League film in theaters within months of each other, and perhaps showing on different screens in the same multiplex at the same time. It’s almost enough to make a comic book fan faint.

However, that is a mighty big “if.” DC/Warners victory against the Shuster family will have to go through an appeals process and even if they hold onto half the rights, the family of Jerry Siegel were awarded the other half of the copyright back in 2008. DC/Warners is contesting that decision, but if they lose that means any film starring Superman might still run into legal trouble. Unless, of course, DC/Warners plans to do whatever they want and let their deep pockets litigate the Siegels into submission.

Warners plans to use Justice League to spin off to launch solo films for a number of their other characters. No word on which character will be included in the film, but there has been a Flash film in development for a while, or if Henry Cavill will be reprising Superman or Ryan Reynolds will reprise Green Lantern in the film.

Of course, there was a Justice League film that got all the way through the casting stages a few years ago that never saw the light of day. So, don’t hold your breathe with this one.

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