Scarlett Johansson Talks About Black Widow, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER

ironman2blackwidowScarlett Johansson is on the promotional trail for her film Don Jon and recently sat down with Jordan Riefe for a conversation for Refinery 29. Unfortunately for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut but fortunately for comic book film fans everywhere, the conversation was dominated by her role as Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow, in the Marvel film universe. And the conversation covered a wide array of topics.

First off, in an important note for our Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline Project, we find out where Captain America: The Winter Soldier fits in in relationship to Captain America: The First Avenger:

This film is in real time. It’s been two years since [the characters] appeared, and now both are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fighting in the streets. We are not superheroes flying side by side. They help each other because we are fighting in a similar way. It’s a working relationship.

Technically, it will be less than two years if you Cap and Natasha first meeting was in the The Avengers, but that’s a matter of semantics. Speaking of Cap and Natasha’s relationship, Johansson also touched on rumors that their partnership has turned to a romantic one in the sequel:

By a series of unfortunate encounters, they will be in a situation in which their friendship becomes more intimate. They share many similarities because they live on the defensive without relying on anyone. Also, the two have been working for the government throughout their professional careers. With their friendship they begin to question what they want and what is their true identity.

That’s a non-committal confirmation there, folks.

Johansson is also given the opportunity to speak on what Black Widow means to her and why she enjoys playing the character:

I love it. I think it is a sensational character. It is a professional, highly skilled, dangerous, mysterious superhero. I love playing it. I think that it is rare to find a woman sexy and intelligent on the big screen, able to fight anyone (including men) and overcome them physically and emotionally, and my character does it.

The majority of the superhero movies have not been very good. They were simply not made well. They were [about] spinning through the air and putting your hands on your hips. With the Black Widow we do something more, although of course the physicality and her image is important. To me, this character has given me a great opportunity. Joss [Whedon, director] has jumped the fence with Avengers to celebrate a female character that is not a simple ornament inside the group. He’s not interested in just selling her physical attractiveness.

All that female empowerment is good, but Johansson still gets a question about wearing the Widow costume:

It is a big commitment. When you wear it you are well aware that with latex you leave no doubt. My physical preparation with the costume was painful. Until you get used to it, everything hurts and is horrible. Once you learn the choreography you really feel like a superhero, but until you get to that point it’s exhausting.

Don Jon is in theaters now. Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives on April 4, 2014.

Via MTV’s Splash Page.

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