Marvel Announces Third Release Date In 2018


It looks like Marvel Studios is not done planting flags into their release schedule. After staking out five dates between 2017 and 2019 on Friday, they are no announcing one more date on which they will release an as-yet-untitled film – May 4, 2018.

Does the that date sound familiar? It should, that’s the date that Sony had announced a while back for their Amazing Spider-Man 4. Sony’s Spider-Man plans are in seeming disarray as witnessed by the announcement earlier today that their Spidey spin-off The Sinister Six was moving into Amazing Spider-Man 3‘s 2016 spot with the Spidey threequel banished to an unstated 2018 date. Since Marvel works with Sony on that franchise, them claiming the date for themselves indicates that Sony is not going to place Amazing Spider-Man 3 there, where they had previously stated that they hoped to open a fourth Amazing Spider-Man.

The announcement adds a third date into 2018 for the studio, making it the now the second year in a row that the studio will be releasing three films.

Marvels release schedule now looks like this –

5/1/15 – Avengers: Age Of Ultron
7/17/2015 – Ant-Man
5/6/2016 – Captain America 3
7/8/16 – Untitled
5/5/17 – Untitled
7/28/17 – Untitled
11/3/17 – Untitled
5/4/18 – Untitled
7/6/18 – Untitled
11/2/18 – Untitled
5/3/19 – Untitled

As to what films we’ll be seeing in those eight spots, there are certainly plenty of candidates. We know that Marvel has Thor 3 and Doctor Strange on deck, and a third Avengers film also a certainly, with Black Panther, Black Widow, the Inhumans and the Runaways also having been in various stages of development with the studio for some time now. We’ll invariably find out more this weekend at San Diego Comic Con.

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