New Releases: November 14, 2014

dumb and dumber to1. Dumb and Dumber To (Universal, 3,153 Theaters,110 Minutes, Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, partial nudity, language and some drug references): If I had to pick a 1994 film that would have two sequels (well, one sequel and one prequel), it wouldn’t be Dumb and Dumber. Especially considering that the prequel, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, which had the involvement of none of the original cast, was a one of the worst films to come out in 2003.

But here we are. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels (try watching him in The Newsroom after seeing him in this) reunite with the original film’s directors, the Farrelly Brothers for this sequel. The film details Daniels’ character finding out he has a daughter and the pair going on a road trip to find her.

It is simplistic plot, but, really, it’s a film about idiots behaving stupidly. Does it need a more complex one?

beyondthelights2. Beyond the Lights (Relativity, 1,789 Theaters, 116 Theaters, Rated PG-13 for sexual content including suggestive gestures, partial nudity, language and thematic elements): It’s hard being a pop diva. You have to fit into a certain mold at all times. You need to produce quality work at all times. Often time, you have a domineering force behind you, riding you to such a point that the only escape you have is suicide. However, being a diva does have one benefit–your suicide attempt can bring you true love.

Yes, this is a romance set in the world of pop music where the protagonist finds love in the person who stopped her from killing herself. I’m sure Freud would have had a field day with that one.

The film has a stellar cast and is the better reviewed option this week (although, considering the competition, that’s not really much of an accomplishment). So if you are the romantic type, this film might be worth your time.

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