Jason Momoa States Signed As Aquaman For Four Films


We’ve known that Jason Momoa will be appearing as Aquaman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film, but it has been unclear as to how many other appearances in Warner Brothers’ burgeoning DC Comics Cinematic Universe. Sure, the character is a lock for appearing in to the two Justice League films recently announced for 2017 and 2019 and the Aquaman film that will land between the two. But will there be other films that he could potentially pop up in, much in the way that Marvel Studios sometimes have their characters make quick cameos in each others’ films?

Well, we have the answer to that. Speaking at a Brazilian Comic Book Convention appearance this weekend, Momoa stated that he has signed with Warner Brothers for four films. So, that would pretty much encompass the four films we already know about.

But what about future sequels? If either or both Justice League and Aquaman do big enough business, it is a forgone conclusion that the studio will want more. It would seem that if they don’t have Momoa locked up for me, he could conceivably have the studio over a barrel when it comes time to negotiate a new deal for those films, right? Possibly. It seems more likely that Momoa is not divulging all the terms of his contract with the studio. His contract could conceivably be “play or pay” deals for those films with options for further sequels.

Granted the success of Marvel’s own Cinematic Universe has undoubtedly changed the nature of how contracts are written for actors being approached to star in big franchise films like this. I would doubt that Warners wouldn’t have contingencies in place in order to insure that if there were call for further films featuring Momoa as Aquaman, they wouldn’t necessarily be at a disadvantage when it comes time to strike a deal with him for his services.

Via Bleeding Cool.


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