WONDER WOMAN Might Be Getting Romantic With Chris Pine

chris-pineShould I be worried that the love interest has a better resume than the lead actress?

Variety is reporting that Chris Pine is in negotiations to play Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman opposite Gal Gadot. He supposedly was offered the role without having to audition, something Scott Eastwood wasn’t offered (Eastwood decided to take a part he didn’t have to audition forĀ  in Suicide Squad instead).

The question is what version of Steve Trevor we are going to get. The article hints that he will a love interest and since Pine is close in age to Gadot, it looks like the George Perez-era Trevor is off the table. However, will Trevor be as he was for most of his existence–the simple military man who loves Wonder Woman, or will he be a Nick Fury-esque spymaster as he is portrayed in modern comics. If he is the latter, and casting an actor of Pine’s caliber leans in that direction, we might see Trevor way before Wonder Woman hits screens in 2017.


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