Has Another BATMAN V SUPERMAN Cameo Been Confirmed?


We know that in addition to titular superhero Batman and Superman, next March’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will feature fellow future Justice League members Wonder Woman and Aquaman in supporting roles. We’ve already seen Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in action in the two main trailers that have been released so far, but there’s been no additional looks at Jason Momoa as Aquaman past an initial picture released when his casting was announced. But might we be getting a glimpse of yet another hero in the film.

According to ComicBook.com, that answer may be “Yes.”

Reportedly, at the Brazilian Comic Con Experience 2015, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice costume designer Michael Wilkinson confirmed that Ezra Miller, who has been cast to play the speeding superhero The Flash in the upcoming two-part Justice League films as well as a solo film, will also appear in the upcoming film.

Wilkinson reportedly said, “He will have a thinner silhouette and will not be as strong as the other heroes of the Justice League.”

Miller’s possible involvement in Batman V Superman has been rumored for some time, but there has been no credible evidence to support those rumors. Whether his appearance will be a quick cameo or if he will factor in to the plot in a bigger way remains to be seen. If, of course, there is any weight to this rumor at all.


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