TV’s Flash Sticks Up For Cinematic Counterpart

This is why some people can't have nice things.


Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers have two different approaches to how they are handling their superhero properties. For Marvel Studios, everything that they directly control all takes place in one hypothetically connected universe, whether those adventures are presented in theaters, on television or on streaming media. Warners, however, has decided that the superhero adventures that unfold on a weekly basis on the CW and CBS are in their own separate continuities from what is happening with the superheroes seen on the big screen.

Each approach has their pros and cons. While Marvel’s fans have the fun of having a large canvas of a world to explore, the television series Agents Of SHIELD sometimes feels hampered by the fact that it needs to conform to what is happening in the films, as witnessed by the first two-thirds of the show’s first season where it had to march in place waiting for the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier before it could kick into high gear.

Meanwhile, over with Warners’ various DC Comics superhero projects, the Arrow/Flash shows and Supergirl exist and flourish in their own bubbles, free from any restrictions imposed by what be happening with the films. Of course, the downside of this is playing out right now as fans who have enjoyed Grant Gustin’s portrayal of police scientist-turned-speedy superhero Barry Allen/The Flash are expressing disappointment that the actor won’t be reprising the role on the big screen for the upcoming Justice League and Flash solo films that the studio has planned.

And while Gustin has in the past has thanked fans for their support of his show, it seems as if some have twisted that into him bashing future movie-Flash Ezra Miller. And Gustin has had to take to twitter to set the record straight.

So, will that stop twitter trolls from trying to stir up the shit in the future? Of course not. This is the internet. There will always be some trying to cause a ruckus. And the sad part is, they just don’t know how good they have it these days. Name another time where worrying about two different actors playing the same comic book character in two different mediums would even be a possibility.

The big screen Flash film starring Miller speeds into theaters March 23, 2018.

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