THE BATMAN: Ben Affleck Has Already Written A Script For Solo Film

The Batfleck Writes.

The Batman BatmanIt’s not unheard of for unemployed actors to write a script for themselves to drum up some business. But typically they are smaller, lower budget fare, not the reboot film for one of pop culture’s most iconic characters, the Batman.

But, then again, Ben Affleck is not your typical unemployed actor. He’s an Academy Award winning writer and producer, and a great director too. Plus, he was the bomb in Phantoms, yo. Now, coming off rave reviews for playing the character in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it appears that Affleck has written a script for The Batman in his spare time.

The bombshell was dropped in an interview The Hollywood Reporter did with WME-ING’s Patrick Whitesell when asked how many DC Extended Universe films he signed up for. But here’s the kicker. After a cameo in Suicide Squad, Affleck has only official agreed to appear in Justice League and its sequel. Yes, Affleck wrote a script for a film starring his character that he has not even agreed to star in yet.

For anyone else, this would be fan fiction. However, since Warners has supposedly been itching to get Affleck further involved in the DCEU behind the scenes, this will likely get made.

I do like Affleck as a writer and he definitely seems to be in tune with the character, so this would probably be a good thing.

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