FLASHPOINT…No More!!?!!!!???!

When Warner Brothers announce at last years San Diego Comic Con that the Flash standalone film would be called Flashpoint, it caused a lot of buzz. It also caused a lot of questions to be asked if that was the right way to go for the character. It appears that Warners was asking that same question, and might be having second thoughts about it as well.

Everything started last month when Borys Kit, in a article for the Hollywood Reporter about Dan Mazeau taking over the writing chores in the film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Armada, referred to Mazeau as having “worked on the Warner Bros.’ Flash movie project when it was titled Flashpoint.”

That oddly specific way of referring to the Flash film led people to believe that the film was moving away from adapting the 2011 comic book storyline. This caused Kit to head to Twitter to clarify his throw away line:

That was where it stood until yesterday when Umberto Gonzalez, the man formerly known as El Mayimbe, posted this Photoshopped image:

If you didn’t follow the Flashpoint comic books, in the series, an alternate reality was created where Thomas Wayne became Batman instead of his son Bruce. Jeffery Dean Morgan, who is the above picture, plays Thomas Wayne in the DCEU. The fact that the image of Morgan in the costume Thomas Wayne wore as Batman in the crossover series appears to be crumbling away into nothingness leads many to believe that Flashpoint is officially dead.

Or, you know, it could mean that Morgan has dropped of the film due to other commitments and will have to be recast. Or it could mean that Gonzalez has gotten better at his Photoshopping skills and wanted to show off. It vague enough to be practically anything.

Online opinion on using Flashpoint as the basis for the solo Flash film was divided. Some said it was the perfect way to introduce the character on the big screen, others believe that it is too early to adapt that particular storyline as of yet. I tend to fall in the latter category. Flashpoint would make the Flash more or less a supporting character in what should be his own movie. His screen time would be reduced as the filmmakers try to shoehorn the rest of the DCEU into the alternate reality that makes up the storyline. Not to mention that adapting the storyline would far more expensive than doing a less complex story.

However, all of this is just speculation on flimsy evidence. We’ll probably find out what is going on with the film at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, if not sooner.

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