Benedict Wong: DOCTOR STRANGE 2 To Begin Filming By The End Of The Year

It’s got to be hard to be an actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, your hiring into the franchise allows you become a part of the convention circuit for the rest of your life. However, if you partake of the circuit while still actively working on Marvel films, fans will be scouring every word, every throwaway sentence you say in public for potential news and spoilers. Take, for example, Benedict Wong.

Wong was appearing at the Fax Expo Vancouver this past weekend when he was asked about his involvement in the MCU post-Avengers: Infinity War. This is what he had to say.

You know, I miss the old school Marvel Studios. You know, where they’d rent out the El Capitan, invite a few stars out and tell us what they are going to release for the next 3-4 years. Ah, the good old days.

Another source made it see, that Wong was hinting that filming will begin in December, which might mean a late 2019, early 2020 release for the film.

The fact that Doctor Strange will be getting a sequel isn’t really all that surprising. Scott Derrickson has been talking about one since the first film was in the theaters and screenwriter C. Robert Cargill said that he had ideas for the film that included villain Nightmare on various forms of social media for almost as long. But that it was to go before cameras that quick was kept a pretty tight secret.

You have to feel that Marvel Studios will be putting out a press release or presentation detailing their post-Avengers 4 plans any day now. I hope. But if filming for Doctor Strange 2 is really going to begin this year, casting information should start to leak soon.

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