That's really the only description I could have come up with that would do it justice

So, I’m kind of souring on the whole PG-13 Once Upon A Deadpool thing. To start, it seems like a blatant attempt to get more cash out of the franchise’s fans, who, let’s face it, have already given a lot of dough to it already. Partial charitable donations and added scenes don’t really help all that much. And for a franchise that wore its R-Ratings like a badge of honor, so much so that its rating was mentioned in practically every press item attached to the franchise, recutting the film so it has a PG-13 Rating seems like admitting defeat.

But I can say they are going all out with promoting it! Which is nice.

The poster for the film has just been released and, well, uh, just take a look and see for yourself;

Yep, Deadpool and Fred Savage riding Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. At one time, it would be a piece of artwork done if someone lost a bet, now it’s the poster for a recut of a months old superhero film.

No word if the image bears any resemblance to any of the eight scenes the filmmakers shot with Savage that were added to the film, but it does sell the idea that the recut film is a Wacky Christmas Fairy Tale Adventure.

Once Upon A Deadpool hits theaters on December 12, 2018.

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