New Releases: May 27

1. Sex And The City 2 (Warner Brothers/New Line, 3,445 Theaters, 146 Minutes, Rated R): I have to be honest, I don’t see the appeal of this concept. I watched a handful of episodes back when it was on, and I never got into it. Granted, I have the wrong chromosomal make-up to be in it’s target audience, but usually in other cases I can see what the appeal is. I just can’t be interested in the sex lives of rich fashionistas who relationship mistakes are all their fault.

But I am obviously in the minority here. The concept has not only made for a successful TV show, but it made a successful leap to the big screen and was enough of a hit to garner a sequel. And here it is.

The girls head to the Middle East (not the bad section, the rich section) on an exotic adventure. There Carrie runs into an old flame, and a love triangle develops (which would be much more to my liking if Carrie wasn’t , oh, I don’t know, married? Yeah, adultery. So romantic).

Another thing I don’t understand is why this film is being released on a Thursday. Usually, when a film is released during the week, it’s on Wednesday. And I don’t understand why a concept that made its name in 44 minute episodes would put out a movie that is almost two and a half hours long. What could they possibly have to say that would take them that long?

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