So They’re Calling The SPIDER-MAN Reboot…

The Amazing Spider-Man.

Sony Pictures announced today that going forward, The Amazing Spider-Man will be the title to director Marc Webb’s reboot of the superhero franchise for the studio.

Sony also released a new photo of the Spider-Man costume (at left, click for a much bigger version) which reveals two things – 1) Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) will definitely be using mechanical webshooters as opposed to the organic ones he had in Sam Raimi’s previous Spider-Man trilogy of films, and 2) The redesigned costume perhaps deviates a little too much from the basic comic design, at least for my liking.

The Amazing Spider-Man is, of course, the title of one of the several Spider-Man comic book series that have been published over the years. I suppose that it is possible that future installments will take their names from some of the other Spider-Man comic series like The Sensational Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man and Web Of Spider-Man, though they’ll probably give Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends a pass.

The 3D film will be swinging its way into theaters on July 3.

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