DAREDEVIL Reboot Gets New Writer

With The Avengers tearing up the box office around the world and getting ready to do so this coming weekend here in the United States, I would imagine that any studio who still has rights to various other Marvel Comics superhero properties are probably scrambling to get them ready enough to get in front of cameras as quickly as possible in order to ride the wake of the wave of the Avengers’ popularity.

Twentieth Century Fox certainly seems to be doing just that with their new Daredevil film. For a while now they have had Hard Candy director David Slade attached to direct, and Brad Caleb Kane has been working on the screenplay as well. However, the studio must think he needs some help as they have hired David James Kelly to work on it.

Kelly’s hiring comes to us from Deadline who also reports that the film is still set to be based on the 1986 Daredevil comic storyline “Born Again” created by writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli. The story features Daredevil’s former girlfriend Karen Page, now a hopeless drug addict, giving up the superhero’s secret identity of blind lawyer Matt Murdoch to his arch enemy the Kingpin for a quick fix of heroin. The Kingpin uses the information to systematically tear apart Murdock’s life. It should be interesting to see how the film deals with the appearance late in the story of several characters whose rights are held by a certain other studio. (I’m being purposely vague here in order to avoid spoilers for those who may wish to read the comics run.)

Via Deadline.

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