Breaking Down The Extended IRON MAN 3 Trailer

If you were able to sit through the early part of the Super Bowl, the part where it looked like it might be a blow out, you probably ended up seeing a really good game.If you sat through the game just to see the Iron Man 3 ad you might have been…well…disappointed. After all, the ad was only a longer version of a scene that was in the first trailers, with a tag imploring you to go online to see more.

Well, we did and this is what we saw. And just in case you didn’t see the same things, let us point out what the ad told us.


The extended trailer begins with Tony Stark walking with purpose towards the camera.


He does his best David Caruso impersonation.


Then comes off with “That might be more of an extensive than extended look” Your milage on the pun may vary, but it serves its purpose. The earlier trailers were criticized for being almost too serious, at least in comparison to the earlier films. This bit  which I’d bet money doesn’t appear in the film, shows that there will be a humorous streak to the film as well.

Then we go into the extended trailer, which might give us more clues as to the plot. Of course, these are only guesses. Most likely, we will be wrong.



We once again see Iron Man landing in the snow, beaten and battered. But now we get to see what might have caused him to be in this condition…


…the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley)…


…clenches his fist…


…and things explode. The decor looks almost Middle Eastern or Asian, perhaps it is the Mandarin’s headquarters? Or maybe someplace else in his sphere of influence?


Whatever the location, it appears the explosion was done for a reason…



…to catch Tony in the blast. And it seems to have worked because…


He’s a bloody mess. We then revisit the attack on Tony’s mountainside home. And this also shows us something we might have missed before.


Here’s the attack.


Tony and Pepper might have had a second or two of a warning. Then boom.


See that woman on the left? Could that be Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen? She is rumored to be part of a love triangle with Pepper for Tony’s affections and her presence here could make for a tense scene before an even more tense scene.

And what’s the deal with the bunny in the background?


If that was Hansen, it looks like she has a chance of escaping the attack unscathed. Not so likely for Pepper and Tony.


And definitely not for Tony’s armors.


Back to the snow scene. As the armor releases Tony…


He, in a voice over, speaks on apologies he has to make and apologizes for putting someone in harm’s way. Is he talking to…


…Happy Hogan, who is alive in this scene, if somewhat worse for wear…


…James Rhodes, definitively wearing the Iron Patriot armor, who looks grim…


…his paramour Pepper Potts, who once again seems to be in some sort of device and in pain (is the device causing the pain, or trying to fix it?)…


…or Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), whose role in the film, be it good or bad, is up for debate?


Tony vows to find out who did this…


…while the Mandarin brags that they’ll never see him coming.


One more clenched fist, this time pounded against a table, then on Air Force One…



…a hole explodes in the side of the plane, sucking people out.


Tony flies out of the hole to begin his rescue mission. Why was he on Air Force One? Is he being offered the position of Secretary of Defense by the president, a position he held in the comics? Was he there for some other reason? Could he have even caused the fuselage breach?


“How many in the air, Jarvis?” “Thirteen, sir.” “How many can I carry?” “Four.”


“Oooh, boy.”


We see that Air force One has suffered a further explosion and has disintegrated, removing that as an option to hold the passengers.





Tony and his fellow passengers attempt to form a human chain in the air. Will this allow him to save all thirteen? Hopefully so, but probably not.

Still no look at any of the footage shot on location in China and no hint if Radioactive Man will be in the film. No look at James Badge Dale’s character and if it will be Coldblood. But we do see that the Mandarin seems to definitely be behind Tony’s problems. More information should come before May 3rd, when all will be revealed.

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