Will Peter Dinklage Be In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR And Its Sequel?

With a release date of May 2018, casting rumors for  Avengers: Infinity War will have to be getting started, and we see now it has.

Variety is reporting that Peter Dinklage is in early talks to join that film and its as yet unnamed sequel. No word on what role he will be playing, but if you’ve ever read a Marvel Comic featuring Thanos, you might have a theorem on who he would be playing.

Pip the Troll is a character created by Jim Starlin back in 1975. The character is a member of the alien race called Laxidazian who was mutated into a dwarfish being. He eventually joined up with Adam Warlock and stood by his side through his many battles with Thanos.

The part is a physical match for Dinklage and a meaty role for any actor. Pip is a cigar-chomping troll how can’t help but act on his basest instincts. This means Pip is a skirt-changing, alcohol-drinking, cards-cheating son of a gun. He is a larger than life character that would be awesome in the hands of an actor of Dinklage’s caliber.

If Dinklage is being considered for Pip, comic fans might another reason to be excited. It might mean that Adam Warlock is about to enter the MCU during Avengers: Infinty War. The stage already appear to be set for the character to make an appearance, and having another member of his supporting cast in the MCU paves the way even more.

Of course, Marvel Studios have not shied away from casting against type in their roles. Heimdall, The Ancient One and Valkyrie all appeared on screen quite a bit different than they were portrayed in the comics. Dinklage has the acting chops for just about any role, so he could play the diminutive Pip, or a character that was not a dwarf in the comics. The sky’s the limit.

More on this as it becomes known.




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