Disney Claims Two Dates In Summer 2014 For Mystery Marvel Movies

MarvelStudiosLogoIt almost seems that it is a tradition that every summer blockbuster season should sport at least one superhero film from Marvel Studios. Last summer we had Iron Man 2 while this summer we had Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Next summer will see the release of their long awaited The Avengers, while Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are penciled in for the summer of 2013.

Today, Marvel announced the dates for two more projects that will extend this tradition into 2014 when the studio will release films on May 16 and June 27. As to the titles of these films, though, Marvel is mum.

It is a surety that one of these two films will be a second Captain America movie. The first film has already pulled in $246 million at the worldwide box office and I think that the studio will want to ride that momentum before interest wanes.

As to what that other film will be? We know that Edgar Wright is developing an Ant-Man film and that the studio is looking for someone to oversee the development of a Doctor Strange movie. A film adapting the comic The Runaways has also been in development for sometime. There are also a couple of other projects that Marvel has been hinting at for some time – Iron Fist, Black Panther and one focusing on the spy agency SHIELD – may be longer shots at landing the other slot.

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