Patty Jenkins Fires Back At “WONDER WOMAN’s Such A Mess” Accusations

"Real lasso of truth time..."


We closed out his week with a rather scathing letter from a former Warner Brothers employee taking the studio and its chairman Kevin Tsujihara over what they perceived as mismanagement of the company and the creative decisions that have not yielded the expected box office results. The letter – signed by one “Gracie Law” so as a Big Trouble In Little China fan I have to credit them for that reference – has sparked, or in some cases reignited, discussions about the tone and direction of the studio’s DC Expanded Universe films as well as raised questions about how the studio could be having several box office record breaking years in a row and yet still have films flop, leading to staff layoffs.

But one thing that popped out of the letter for some was the accusation that Patty Jenkins’ currently in post-production Wonder Woman is a “mess.” And for the director, it popped out because she felt it just wasn’t trye. And so she took to Twitter to voice her side of the story.

Now there are those who will jump and say “Of course she is saying that. No director is going tho say that there are problems with their movie before it is even released!” (Well, except maybe Josh Trank.) And to an extent they would be right. But only in the sense that the post-production process is still in motion and all that really matters is the final product. And we haven’t seen that yet. So is the post-production a mess? Maybe, but that’s sort of academic at this point. With the film’s release set for ten months from now on June 2, 2017, there is always plenty of time to fix whatever problems there may be. I would be more concerned if we started hearing these stories in mid-March next year.


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