THE FLASH Pushed Back…Again

Once upon a time, not as long ago as it seems, The Flash was supposed to hit theaters in 2018. It was supposed to arrive in March as a matter of fact, March 23rd.

But then the film lost a director. Then it lost another one. Then it was supposed to be called Flashpoint. Then it got a pair of directors. But then it wasn’t going to be called Flashpoint anymore. All this back and forth delayed the film, but the project was supposed to start shooting in March of 2019 with an eye on a 2020 release date.

Well, that is, until today.

Variety is reporting that production is not likely to begin until late 2019 with a release date coming sometime in 2021.

We have a pair of villains working in concert to cause this latest delay. The first bad guy is the script. The studio thinks the film’s script still needs work, so much work that tweaking it will not be finished by March. It probably wouldn’t be done until weeks after.

That’s where the second villain, star Ezra Miller’s schedule, takes over. Miller is set to film the third installment of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in July of 2019. That would be a tight start date to meet even if production did start in March. With the delay? Impossible. And they are not going to put a Harry Potter film on hold just to see if The Flash gets its act together. Hence, The Flash start date is bumped until after filming on Fantastic Beasts ends.

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are still on board to direct…for the time being. But I’m sure they have other projects they’d like to tackle too. Let’s see if they stick around after this delay.

Personally, by this point, I say just dump the film already. It hasn’t been officially greenlit and, if I’m being honest, we really don’t need one. If we want to see a live-action Flash, we can tune into the CW every week. They have a pretty good show with the character there.

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